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See Why 1000’s of Pet Owners Are Throwing Their Standard Dog Tags in the Trash

Why Choose ByteTag
Ease Of Use

With any ByteTag, you are able to list as many phone numbers as you'd like. Whether its your mom's, sister's, pet sitter's, or kid's numbers, they can all be added to ensure you never miss an important call! Doing this is as simple as typing in your number. These same features go for addresses as well! Update all of your dog's information on the fly! Make it known on your pet's profile that your pup is lost and to contact immediately.

State Of The Art Features

All ByteTags have a QR code that is unique to your dog only and can be scanned with almost any phone. The scan pulls up the pet's profile instantly, which is far superior to typing in a number from a clinky metal tag hoping that it is up to date.

GPS Notification

When somebody finds your lost pet, you can be alerted with a text message, email, and push notification with their exact GPS coordinates. Allowing you to head right where your furry friend is!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! There is no monthly fee to use, activate, or update your pet's ByteTag.

Absolutely! A great feature of our tags is that they do not have any moving parts and do NOT require any batteries. This ensures that each tag is as safe as can be for both you and your pet :) Most other 'GPS Tags' out there use all sorts of Bluetooth Frequency which have high energy footprints, putting your pet at  potential risk. We have eliminated 100% of these issues with ByteTag!

Microchipping your pet is passive, not active. Someone needs to find your pet and then take them to a shelter or a vet for the microchip to hopefully be scanned and read. The great thing about ByteTag is that it bypasses the process of finding a nearby shelter or clinic. Within your pet profile (which the finder will be able to scan), you will be able to list all the information you could possibly need. There is no need for any more microchips!  A ByteTag is essentially a microchip that anyone can access.

You will be immediately notified via SMS, email, and push notifications if your pet's ByteTag is scanned. When your pet is found by an individual, they are able to scan your tag's QR code or type in the link manually. This will give them access to what you have displayed (i.e multiple phone numbers, addresses, etc.). The notifications can show you where your pet was detected. You can even mark your pet as “Lost” on their personal profile, enabling other users to contact you.

Not at all! Anyone is able to scan or search for your pet's profile and access all the information that you are willing to share to that user (phone numbers, addresses, veterinary information, etc.). The user will also be prompted to alert you once they have scanned your pet's tag. which will notify you immediately.

Great question. We take privacy very seriously — that’s why ByteTag lets you decide what information you would like to share and not to share. This is a large benefit over normal engraved pet tags as anyone can have access to your address and other information. Within your pet's profile, you can choose to add, delete, or even hide information. This can be changed if your dog is lost or just playing at the dog park. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, and your location is never tracked.