ByteTag Slide

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When someone scans your pet's ByteTag, they'll open your pet's profile. Every pet profile is available via the ByteTag website, so the person who finds your pet doesn't need to download an app.

There are two ways to scan a ByteTag: (1) QR code, and (2) URL on the back.

Your pet's profile contains all the information necessary to get them home safely!

You can update your pet's profile anytime and anywhere.

• Made with silicone loops and a metal plate

• Water proof

• Scratch, bite, and fade resistant

• Light weight and jingle free

• No batteries needed (ByteTag will last you decades!)

• Compatible with all smartphones

• No monthly fee

• Can be used anywhere and anytime

We care about your pet's safety and your safety. That's why we created Privacy Control:

Privacy control Control allows you to hide your phone number and address from your pet's profile whenever you want.

7.7cm x 1.3cm

8.1cm x 2cm

Sizing is based on the width of your collar, but as a general rule, the small / medium size fits all pets up to around 50 pounds. Large is for larger breeds with big collars.

If your collar's width is more than 1.5 inches, large is the right size for you.

If you're unsure, we recommend ordering a small / medium. The elastic loops can stretch to fit most collar sizes.

See detailed size chart by scrolling down this page.

A Dangle-Free Future

As pet safety engineers, we at ByteTag believe in a dangle-free future.

The ByteTag Slide eliminates the risk of accidental snagging or entanglement.

Our smooth, snag-free design ensures optimal safety for your pet, preventing any discomfort or injury caused by traditional dangling tags.

Your pet profile

Each ByteTag connects to an online pet profile which contains all of the information below:

  • Unlimited Contact Information:
    You can add unlimited phone numbers and addresses to your pet profile.

  • Health Information: Add your pet's medical history, allergies, and other important health concerns.

  • Behavior Information: Let your pet's finder know if your pet is good around dogs, cats, and children.

  • Vet Information: If someone finds your missing pet, they may be having a medical emergency. Adding your vet's contact information can save your pet's life.

  • Breed, age, gender, and a bio
GPS alerts

When someone scans your pet's ByteTag, you will receive a text message, email, and push notification with your pet's exact GPS coordinates.


This is Sam. Sam is the goodest of boys, and we would be devastated if we lost him.

We didn't feel safe with the current pet tag options out there, so we set off to create our own: ByteTag!

You simply can't fit enough information on an engraved pet tag, and microchipping can get pricy (not to mention the fact that someone has to drive your pet to a vet to utilize the microchip).

We wanted a way for Sam to have a "voice" if he was ever lost. Something that would describe all of the most important information about him: our contact information as well as his health, behavior, and vet information.

This is exactly what ByteTag accomplishes, and we rest easy at night knowing that if Sam is ever lost, he's got the right tool for someone to bring him back home!