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Joyce Sousa


I loved my puppy Bitetag!! I feel way more comfortable knowing that she is carrying all the information needed to someone find us in case she get lost, I hope it never happens but I'm relieved knowing that we have this extra care. Thank you!! This is Harley, my fur baby! 🐶🐾💜

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Denise Rehfuss

Love it! The collar slide is discrete, comfortable, and impossible to lose without losing the entire collar. Tags are good. Collar slides are much better. Chips are best. My dog has all three. The only reason she wouldn't be reunited with us is if the person purposely didn't want to.

I also love how ALL of Nala's info comes up once her slide is scanned. Nala is a pitbull, so being able to comment on her temperament is especially important on her profile.
The only downside to the collar slide is that it can't be used to traditional martingale collars.

Larry Hirshon

Cute tag that allows you to provide all the information you need to get your lost pet back in the event they take off. Hope we never have to use it, but if we do there is some peace of mind involved.

Frank Daniel

This is my fifth purchase. This one, for my daughters dog Beau (the beautiful). Anyway, I was recently on my local hiking trail and my dog Ziggy the Piggy, went AWOL. While waiting quite a while at a trail head, I got a notification from another hiker that he was found. The system works fantastic!

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