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When someone scans your pet's ByteTag, they'll open your pet's profile.

There are two ways to scan a ByteTag: (1) QR code, and (2) URL on the back.

Your pet's profile contains all the information necessary to get them home safely!

You can update your pet's profile anytime and anywhere.

• Water proof

• Scratch, bite, and fade resistant

• Light weight and jingle free

• No batteries needed (ByteTag will last you decades!)

• Compatible with all smartphones

• No monthly fee

• Can be used anywhere and anytime

You can choose to hide your phone number and address from your pet's profile until your pet has been marked as lost.

We combined your ordinary metal tag, microchips, and GPS trackers into one easy to use, extremely affordable pet tag


- ByteTag was built for adventurous pets — the daring door-dashers and fence-jumpers who make it their life’s mission to escape the safety of home, explore the world, and give you heart palpitations in the process. 😅
- With ByteTag, we took every advantage that normal engraved dog tags, GPS collars, microchips, etc. had and combined it into one incredible product. 
- To access your pet's profile, you can scan the QR Code on the back of your tag or use the link to search online. Both of these work seamlessly together and go to your pet's profile.
- Unlike other GPS tags or collars that only work within 200ft max, our collars will work even on the other side of the world! There is no limit. There are no batteries. And it will last a lifetime.


To pull up your pet's profile, you can either scan the QR code or search the URL on the back of the ByteTag.

There is no app required!


The ByteTag pet profile displays all the information necessary to get your pet home safely:

• Add as many phone numbers as you would like! There would be nothing worse than having only one phone available and MISSING a call that your pet was lost.. Even add a Pet Sitters number if they are being watched!​

• Similar to to the phone numbers, you can add as many addresses as you would like. An important feature that we added was the option to 'hide' your address. This helps protect you and your pet if someone were to scan the tag at a dog park or out on a walk. This can be toggled on/off within your pet's profile

• Health information (medication, allergies, sterilization)

• Behavior information (good with dogs, cats, children?)

• Provider information (vet name, vet phone number, rabies number, etc.)

• Quick bio about your pet


ByteTag is the perfect size for cats too!


This is Sam. Sam is the goodest of boys, and we would be devastated if we lost him.

We didn't feel safe with the current pet tag options out there, so we set off to create our own: ByteTag!

You simply can't fit enough information on an engraved pet tag, and microchipping can get pricy (not to mention the fact that someone has to drive your pet to a vet to utilize the microchip).

We wanted a way for Sam to have a "voice" if he was ever lost. Something that would describe all of the most important information about him: our contact information as well as his health, behavior, and vet information.

This is exactly what ByteTag accomplishes, and we rest easy at night knowing that if Sam is ever lost, he's got the right tool for someone to bring him back home!

Still not convinced?


Facebook for dogs? No? Either way LOVE THIS!


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Amazing designs, amazing function, and INCREDIBLE customer support. Thank you ByteTag!


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We purchased two additional tags for our friends pups! Setting up the doggies profile is so much fun :)


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We let everyone scan our tag at the dog park and they are all so shocked at how awesome it is!


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We LOVE our ByteTag! The product is so easy to use and very functional. We listed Max's profile with 4 different numbers and 2 addresses 


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